Bursaries and Scholarships

The Royal Canadian Legion is committed to supporting Veterans and their families and offers financial assistance for post-secondary education to those in need.

Poppy Trust Fund bursaries

As part of the Legion’s commitment to Veterans and their families, Legion Branches may grant bursaries through the Poppy Trust Fund to the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Veterans who need financial assistance to pursue a post-secondary education. These bursaries can make a difference for Veterans’ families and offers these children an opportunity to further their educational goals. Bursaries may be granted at any stage of a college or university program.

The Okotoks Legion is pleased to offer both a bursary for eligible students transitioning from High School to an approved Post-secondary education program as well as a bursary for those furthering their Post-Secondary studies. Both applications contain the criteria required to determine eligibility. The Applications can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate buttons showing below.


As part of the Legion’s commitment to youth, many Branches award scholarships through their General Funds to recognize scholastic achievement and support youth in their community. The Okotoks Branch is pleased to be one of those branches fortunate to be able to award these scholarships. The criteria for these funds are forwarded to our high schools who in turn complete the selection process established by our Branch.

The link below provides an example of the High School scholarship application which contains the basic eligibility requirements. *Note* This is an example only. The individual high schools may have modified the basic criteria to include metrics which further define eligibility according to the respective high school’s core values. Therefore, applications to be considered must be obtained from the high school’s administration office where the student attends.

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