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Once you select the item you want to bid on, you will be presented with three boxes – Name, Email, and Bid amount. In the Name field you can put any name you want *Note* other bidders will see this so keep it non-offensive (else you will be dismissed and your bid disqualified). Make sure the email is correct otherwise you won’t receive notifications during the course of the auction *Note* other bidders will not see your email address. Bidding increments have been set to $5.00, so for example someone has bid $350.00 – the next bid would be a minimum of $355.00. If you have any questions or issues, there is a tab to select “Send Private Message” and I will respond to your request.  ENJOY the Online Auction!!!

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Okotoks Legion Branch 291

All Current Auctions Are Closed

Branch #291 Auctions


Thanks to All Who Partcipated

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