Run annually across the nation, our Poster and Literary Competition ensures that the history and memories of our military personnel are kept alive, while giving young people the opportunity to win prizes. Through artwork or writing, the theme of Remembrance is brought to a youthful audience, and the story of sacrifice and pride is passed on.

Although our Legion is both relatively new and small, our area, which includes 12 schools within the town boundaries of Okotoks, has had the second largest number of entries in Alberta.
There are 4 different grade levels: Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Please see the Entry form located here for the school grades associated with each of the 4 levels. Students can enter as many categories as they wish, but can submit only one entry per category. Each entry must have a completed registration form glued to the back. Each grade level can participate in the following categories: (With the exception of the Primary Level which is excluded from the Essay or Poem categories)

  • Poster (Colour)
  • Poster (Black & White)
  • Essay
  • Poem

Further information can be found in the Youth Education Booklet found here.

How it Works:

1. Mid- October – All information is dropped to the schools for the L&P competition, electronically and paper.

2. Deadline for P&L pick up (First week December) – Pick up all L&P competition entries from all schools.

Once we have all the entries, we organize a jury with member of our legion, and we select a 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd winner for each category at our local level. We then send the 1 st place winners of each category to the District Level. The 1 st place winners of the District Level go to Command and finally the 1 st place winners of Command level go to Dominion. The winners of the Dominium (National) level are invited to lay the wreath for all Canadian Youth at the Remembrance Day Ceremony the following year in Ottawa.

3. By March/April – We start organizing the award night by inviting all winners of all categories and levels to the Legion May meeting with personal letters. We also contact schools to let them know who the winners are for them to celebrate the students within their representing schools.

Each winner is invited to the legion award night, usually early May and are called to the front to be recognized and receive a certificate, a legion pin and a cheque(s) depending on the level won.
We have been inviting an average of 50-70 students every year to our award night. We also invite parents and teachers involved.

Below are a few examples of Posters submitted in previous years

To see these and others, as well as the presentation photos from prior Awards Nights, click on the associated years below:

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