My compliments and note of appreciation to Mandie and Brent for all they have done to set up and maintain our Okotoks Legion website. As they are working together going forward, please forward any feedback, or items you would like added, to both their addresses, ( and

We will be unable to conduct our formal D-Day ceremony on June 6th at the Cenotaph, although we are monitoring the Alberta Stage 1 (and possibly Stage 2) restrictions, and will be observing the Day at the Cenotaph – more details will be available next week.

Our Memorial Banner Committee of Beverly Johnson, Marcelle Tremblay and Todd Martin are moving quickly finalizing plans for the 2020 Memorial Banner Project and we will soon see the details on our website and in local publications.

Don’t forget the Okotoks Food Bank Drive for 5, if you are an Okotoks Legion Member, please drop off food and toiletries in the bin at the front door at Marcelle and Barry’s (and leave your name), or email here for pick-up, and if you make a financial donation direct to the Food Bank, put “Okotoks Legion” in the Message Box.

When we get closer to the originally planned June General Meeting date of 9 June, we will announce whether it is a go or not. We will not be having a Poster and Literary Awards night this year, as Marcelle will be distributing the cheques to the winners by mail. We wait for Legion Provincial Command to process the necessary paperwork to authorize the cheques.

Take Care and Keep Safe.

Bob McLeod, President

Okotoks Legion Branch 291
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